Now you know a little more about the Internet of Things, it’s time to look more closely at how Core Vision Africa seamlessly blend AI and the IoT to bring you the very best in property management solutions.

Absolute customisation

We’ve mentioned how introducing new software- no matter how efficient- can feel like a derailment to established protocols for your hard-working staff. Doubtless you don’t want to abandon established systems that work well for other aspects of your business, either.

We have the best possible news for you! Because the product is powered by IoT principals, it can easily integrate with a host of existing devices and systems to suit almost any situation. It doesn’t matter what size of property network you manage, or your sector’s unique challenges, we can tailor the solution to your specific needs. Using IoT switch means we can process a variety of IoT languages, be it standard IoT protocols, web-based links, email, WhatsApp, SMS and many more. Seamlessly smoothing these varied data sources into automated workflow processes means simpler, faster data collection and processing, keeping information flowing at all times. Every asset and machine you run will be able to ‘speak’ directly to the myBuildings solution through a cloud-based workflow platform. Prioritisation, signed workflow process and other accountability issues will be handled without the need for human intervention (or fallibility). Yet, your human taskforce can likewise interact directly with the workflow as needed. Coupled with the sophisticated AI analytics, you’ll be empowered to react proactively to any circumstances, keeping you on top of issues before they even manifest.

Integrated IoT/machine to cloud communications with myIOT

Reducing risk and optimizing management is the goal of all smart property management.  We use the very best integration of IoT and machine-learning implementations to help you solve real-world operational challenges. In turn, you reduce the risk you carry on asset maintenance, while also allowing you to optimize their management. This empowers every stakeholder- from the executive to the handyman- to deliver their very best, and gives them all the information they need, when they need it. In-hand analytics and reporting allow you to bring your A-game, from predictive asset maintenance through asset lifecycle and needed management intervention. Even better? The available analytics are not charged per-user, so anyone can have insight into operations progress when they need it and without cumbersome limitations.

The myBuildings experience aims to use what you have on-site already. We integrate with existing infrastructure, closing the loop of communication between man, machine and the sometimes-nebulous entity that is workflow management. Through this skillful blending, you’ll find increased efficiency and accountability on the job, easily blending with existing machines and programs. By integrating cloud compatibility, we make sharing a breeze- and keep you up-to-date with the latest conveniences of business functionality.

Core Vision Africa’s mission and vision are to ensure that, by working closely with our clients, we provide digitized solutions that expand rather than limit. Watch your ability to meet the demands of the ever-evolving business sector in which they operate soar. The unique power of the IoT, integrated with smart AI analytics and the very best of integrative, rather than destructive, systems, will help you take your property management company to the next level, today.