Core Vision Africa’s mission is clear, and our vision firm. We want to work closely with you, our clients, to provide smart, digitized solutions to common buildings management issues. We do this without limiting your need to meet the demands of property management in an arena that’s ever-evolving. Instead, we empower you into the future, fusing the very best of modern technology with the knowledge gleaned from years of smart, effective management solutions.

Modern building management: The problems

Whether you’re running a small rental network in Africa, or a multi-million dollar industrial property start-up in Hong Kong, the problems you face in the buildings management arena are the same. Global problems play out on a world stage- and in this industry, many of them relate to having too few knowledgeable, diligent eyes on the ground. Even where your reporting network may be solid, there’s a distinct tendency to broken flow of communication. This leads to a decline in overall service provided, tenant satisfaction, and creates issues in the proper management of cash flow as emergencies ambush you.

Previously, the industry has been heavily reliant on paper processing. Whilst once the most efficient solution we had, it has a key downside- you have to process EVERYTHING that crosses your table manually, in the hopes that the fraction of information that’s key to your decision making processes is noticeable in the sea of facts and figures. Human fallibility can be rife. Even with the advent of computer processing power to make it easier, there’s no guarantee that you won’t miss key facts vital to your enterprise.

myBuildings and you: The solution

How do you fix this broken flow of communication simply, directly and smartly, however? By allowing the joint powers of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to take the burden off of your shoulders. Working smarter without working harder isn’t a pipe dream- it’s a real goal, and it’s here.

The IoT easing the burden

WIth your machines and assets constantly feeding information into a cloud-based solution, you’re letting the data-processing power of Information Technology work for you. Human fatigue and the overwhelming burdens of mundane information are relieved without the key information and trends in this normal day-to-day data actually going to waste. With easy compatibility across any number of existing systems and infrastructure in your company, the IoT functionality of the myBuildings solution is simple to integrate and hits the ground running. You’ll retain all the functionality of the data you bring in- from assets, from machines, from your people on the ground- centralised and stored ready for reference, without the need to manually process the million lines of data this represents- or the risk of missing what you most needed to know.

Smart AI analytics keeps you on your A-game

What would all that information be if you were never alerted when you’re needed, however? In addition to this automated and simplified gathering, centralising and sorting of information, you have Smart AI analytics on your side. Using the very best of data analysis principles and smart AI learning, you’ll be immediately notified when something needs your attention. Even better is that there’s no cost limit to who can be allowed access to the information. Specialised tasks or situations can be flagged and delegated for the attention of the specific person who has the skill set to handle the issue, bypassing the need for complex communication chains and the risk of things being missed, mislayed or mishandled. Have a question, or need a specific data set? The query can easily be sent through the system, and the relevant data at your fingertips immediately.

With Core Vision Africa bringing you only the very best of buildings management for the future, you’ll never look back. Simplify your management strategies today with our powerful fleet of fully-customisable solutions that will boost your efficiencies into the stratosphere, and rest assured you’ll never look back. With Core Vision Africa, the future is now, and it’s in your hands.