The myView Dashboard and YOU: Everything you need for smart building management.

Earlier in the week, Core Vision Africa looked at the pressing need for smart, proactive building management to get the best from your assets. We also noted the substantial challenges facing building management, and how having only partial data on your properties leaves you with partial insight into issues. This fragmented information not only threatens your sustainability but puts a spoke in the wheels of optimized processes. Enter AI. Through the Artificial Intelligence processes available to you on the myView Dashboard of the myBuildings app, worries about limited information flow will be a thing of the past.

Information is king, and you need it at your fingertips

As we identified, a lack of clear and comprehensive information and ineffective information flow is the single biggest hurdle to smart building management.

Limited data = limited insight = BIG TROUBLE

There are three specific areas where clear, precise and timeous information is key for any asset management firm. These are:

  • Asset Maintenance: Is it cheaper to fix a small plumbing leak, or to have to shut off an entire floor because of flooding? When you can stay on top of the smaller, innocuous aspects of asset maintenance, you can plan your budget better, get more effective results for less downtime, and better manage the day-to-day hurdles of asset lifespans.
  • Lifecycles: Talking about the lifespan of assets, it’s important to keep focused on the fact that everything within the building has an expected lifespan. That could be a year for a lightbulb or paint finish, or decades for fixtures and fittings. Who has the information on when which assets need attention or replacement? Is it easy to access?
  • Management Intervention: A key part of effective management is knowing when to step in and when to manage from behind the scenes. With key data always easy to access, making these smart decisions becomes far easier.

Of course, these are far from the only areas where strong information and data flow are required. Many more day-to-day aspects of buildings management need a smooth, centralised and easily managed data flow to keep you leading the pack.

How AI Advanced Analytics can save the day

Despite these key needs, historically it’s been hard to lay your hands on this information. Not impossible, of course, but time-consuming, laborious and with great potential to get derailed.

Not anymore. With the Artificial Intelligence that powers the myView dashboard allowing instant access to a host of advanced analytics, you can easily and safely predict a huge range of necessary scenarios smartly. myView empowers everyone, from your top executive to the local handyman, as part of the workflow chain. Not only is in-hand reporting immediately accessible from almost anywhere, but the accompanying smart analytics also allows you a glimpse into the ‘future’ needs of your buildings.

Communicate easily, at all levels of the workflow chain. Centralise data for simplified, immediate access. Harness the very best of AI tech to give you smart analytics that helps you proactively stay on top of every aspect of buildings management. Let Core Vision Africa and the myView dashboard, as a key part of the myBuildings suite, revolutionise the way you look at buildings management. The future is now- let it work for you.