The myView Dashboard, AI and you: A Buildings management match made in heaven

It’s no secret that Core Vision Africa’s ground-breaking myBuildings app has revolutionised the property management sector. What you may not realise, however, is how our myView dashboard integrates seamlessly with other customisable aspects of the app to help make the experience a smooth, seamless process for tenant and manager alike. No matter the size of the property or property group, myBuildings will help you keep everything running smoothly- and it all starts with the revolution in AI analytics that is the myView dashboard.
Harnessing AI for the smartest building management experience possible
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to carry a robot in your pocket? Not one providing fantastical adventures as on The Jetsons, but one ensuring you receive a constant, real-time and meaningful data flow that conquers one of the biggest pitfalls of the property industry- lack of information?

Partial data = Partial insight

It’s a simple fact, but one of the greatest threats to both sustainability of your business operations, and to any attempt to optimize the workflow process. There’s a huge amount of people involved in the property management chain, from the executives running the management company, through the company infrastructure, tenants, tenant’s staff and the groundskeepers, handymen and service staff working to keep the buildings in tip-top shape. With the myView dashboard’s AI technology to hand, gone are the days of working half-blind and hoping for the best. Information will arrive as you need it- and even before you need it.
Creating a perfect vision of building management
In a perfect world, you’d have a seamless information flow throughout this chain. Reports would reach the right people every time. Every part of the maintenance and repair chain would communicate with no delay, interruption or misinterpretation. That ‘thing’ that the tenant’s secretary mentioned to the handyman’s appie was wrong with the building? That key information would be on building management’s desk the next morning, allowing proactive maintenance and management.
Evolving to a proactive management style
The skilled buildings management process is, after all, ideally proactive. If you find you’re only maintaining the plumbing after the first-floor toilets back up and tenants are already complaining, you’ve locked yourself in a reactive mindset. Stand-out building managers know they need the tools to allow them to react before the biggest problems develop. Proactive management, that addresses the problems before anyone even knows there was one, results in:

● Happier tenants, as large issue never inconvenience them, and happier workers/contractors, as they never face the ire of angry tenants while trying to work
● Smarter, streamlined budgets, as unexpected surprises rarely arise and you can correctly plan your outlays
● Increased trust, as you are seen to react smartly and as needed
● More efficient processes, adding to the cost-effectiveness of your asset management
● Better relationship management throughout the building management chain

Yet, as we’ve already established, we’re facing convoluted chains of information already with many unknowns, snag points and potential for information to go adrift. With that hurdle to overcome as well, how can we even begin to create a proactive management style?

What if we told you that this seamless flow of information is not only possible, but simple and cost-effective to deploy through the IoT and smart AI usage? No matter the size of the building or buildings group, with myBuildings and the built-in analytics of the myView dashboard working for you proactive, simplified management is in your future. You’ll never lack information again.

Keen to find out more about this revolution to the building management model? Still not certain how the smart AI of the myView dashboard and myBuildings suite will help you transition to a proactive management style? Keep an eye out for the second instalment of Core Vision Africa’s 2-part introduction to the myView dashboard and it’s smart AI analytics.